structure - geometry

Chris Williams


Sand and water in drum

Delft workshop and lecture 2022

Processing code

Simple C++ and other programs

Maud algorithm

Relax non-linear structural analysis executables, source code and data files

The British Museum Great Court Roof

The British Museum Great Court Roof - simplified formfinding program

IASS 2020-21

eCAADe TU Berlin September 2020

SOM PechaKucha London March 2020

Cambridge January 2020

IASS 2019 A building of unlimited height

Diderot Mathematical Forum 2019

Sheffield May 2019

Vienna October 2018

Überherrn-Berus October 2018

AAG 2018 Gothenburg

Architectural Association August 2018


Civil engineering jobs

Image of flow past cylinder

Dam break

Image of flapping flag